Salt Stories

  • Chief Jon Prachthauser

    Chief Jon Prachthauser

              Deputy Chief Jon Prachthauser, also known around the firehouse as “Prock” and “The White Bullet” was born in Morristown, New Jersey. He grew up in Parsippany, NJ before he eventually moved back to Morristown. Chief comes from a family of firemen. His cousin is Chief “Big Al” Huelsenbeck (ret.) from the Wilmington, Delaware Fire Department (You can read about him in our first Salt Story post). Chief Prachthauser began his fire service career as a volunteer for the Morristown Fire Bureau in December of 1985. When he started, PASS-devices were an uncommon sight, while long-coats...

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  • Chief Allen "Big Al" Huelsenbeck

    Chief Allen "Big Al" Huelsenbeck


      As a fifth-generation fireman, Chief Allen Huelsenbeck stems from a long lineage of service. Known to his peers as Big Al, Chief Huelsenbeck was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey as the oldest of 7 children. Chief’s father was a civil defense fireman and his grandfather was a Captain in Elizabeth, NJ. As a child, he remembers his grandfather coming home from the firehouse after his last day of 28 years of service. Some of Chief Huelsenbeck’s siblings also followed their family tradition of service. His sister was a lieutenant with the Kodiak, Alaska Fire Department. One of his brothers...

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  • The Meaning Behind Salt Stories

    Three quarter boots, Canvas coats, Metal helmets. These are things that the new generation of firefighters have never experienced. The past generations of the fire service paved the way through hard work, fire, blood, sweat, and salt to bring us to where we are today.   This blog will consist of real firefighter stories, firefighter history, interviews, and more.  

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